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That the astrologer predicted a boy should not have surprised Henry, Anne, or us — beyond the fact that the royal couple hoped for this prediction, the months that Henry persisted in the belief that a boy would be born was enough to buy him time and leverage with those he dealt with.

Catherine de Medici, the "SNAKE" - Lindaland

It gave his proceedings against Catherine of Aragon and his marriage to Anne justification — any male and the majority of females, too in the early modern era would tell you that it was better to have a boy than it was to have a girl. Sure, the kid is healthy and this could indicate future healthy children will follow, but for now, it should be back to business as usual.

Predictions could be made, but immediate results needed to follow. So, if you were the astrologer would you want to tell Henry the VIII that he just gambled his empire and went through all that hell to marry Boleyn just to have a girl?

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Birth Chart: Queen Catherine de Medici (Aries)

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Your knights will be smears of blood upon the floor and nothing will be left of Camelot bar ashes and memories. You know this. The King could swear the Gods were looking down, listening to every word.

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You will find below the horoscope of Catherine de' Medici with her interactive chart, an excerpt of her astrological portrait and her planetary dominants. Horoscope and astrology data of Queen Catherine de Medici born on 13 April (23 Apr natal chart English style (Equal houses) · natal chart.

I am sorry. What misconduct might not be dreaded from a princess who could absolutely go out without a hoop!

Beware of Astrologers on the March

This illness was common due to the lack of hygiene around childbirth. Also,searching about Catherine's horoscope made me gain more knowledge about this topic. It was very interesting to know about the origins,how they looked-like and how they were considered by different people.