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Beware of compulsive purchases and wasteful spending, despite the fact that the stars indicate that it will be a good time for doing business. In June, the influence of Mercury, Mars and the Sun will generate financial opportunities and will keep the finances of the follower of the sign stable. Old diseases could reappear, or relapses could occur. Be careful with viruses or sexually transmitted diseases too. The health of Gemini will improve, but it is very important to maintain diets or treatments until their completion.

At the end of the second trimester, you will have more willpower to leave behind the bad habits that harm your body and health. It is time to leave all of the toxic relationships that make you feel badly. Take the time to strengthen yourself and enjoy your true friends. You need to resolve any pending issues in order to advance the welfare of your current relationships.

There may be external or internal changes. For singles, romanticism will increase and the possibility of starting a relationship will improve. Those who have families will communicate better with their children. The results of your business will be postponed and you will have to wait a while longer to confirm projects.

Gemini horoscope 2020: Exciting prospects

Gemini: Get your free monthly horoscope reading for February love, relationship Horoscopes | Star Signs | Love | Advice | Astrology | Tarot | Numerology. Gemini horoscope February On the next page you will find a tarot card on february with a detailed description, the percentage distribution of your.

It is a good time of the year to make investments and make any necessary changes and modifications, especially in companies or partnerships. You need to make decisions with more focus on finances. Take care of your nerves during this phase, as well as allergies and any breathing problems. The followers of the sign will be more sensitive and have trouble limiting themselves.

They may overeat or drink, etc. Little by little they will moderate themselves better. There could be some discomfort in September if they have not been able to stop overindulging. Love in the fourth trimester will begin for the members of Gemini taking the initiative in love matters. The emotional year will culminate with more social life and good relations with your family and friends.

At work, you will need to be cautious with commercial agreements, but there could be positive changes in your workplace. Expect more clarity in ideas, good projects and leadership capacity. More financial options will present themselves to your family thanks to the influence of the Sun on Capricorn and Gemini. You will recover a better state of health, but it will be necessary to take care of your throat organs and try to improve mental concentration.

Your health will be stable, but at the end of the year you should try to relax a little more since stress and exhaustion may increase. For singles, many will decide to take their relationship to the next level. The sons and daughters of Gemini will enjoy a productive period financially, especially those who share responsibilities at work with their life partner or close relatives.

Similarly, you will become a pillar of support for friends and family who go through this type of process.

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The beginning of the retrogradation of Pallas in the V House of Gemini, represents a certain tension in your relationship with your children or romantic interest. You may disdain opportunities for fun or recreation, considering them frivolous or not right for the present moment.

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The New Moon on February 4th, which will touch the IX House of Gemini, will be the perfect opportunity for you to fine-tune any intentions you may have related to teamwork, website publication, international projection and learning new languages. The Full Moon in Libra will affect the V House of Gemini on March 20th, bringing with it a change of status in romantic relationships, and advances in the dynamics of your interaction with children.

These are fixed ideas that keep you from enjoying new experiences. The retrogradation of Jupiter will begin in the VII House of Gemini on April 10th, which allows us to reconsider false assumed attitudes when attracting other people lovers, business partners, partners. This planetary movement suggests an analysis of economic responsibilities which you share with your partner and close relatives inheritance, business, physical items. The retrogradation of Pluto ruling planet of the VI House of Gemini starting on April 24th, is an alarm for the appearance of old ailments which you believed you had already overcome.

Be careful with problems associated with the genital organs, reproductive system, viruses and bacteria. But be careful, because this planetary position also encourages impulsive purchases and taking financial risks necessary or unnecessary. Although the retrogradation of Pluto continues ruling planet of the VI House of Gemini , the entrance of Mercury and the Sun to the sign of the twins on May 6th and 21st respectively will contribute to improving the physical well-being of the followers of Gemini.

However, this is not an excuse to abandon a treatment earlier than was planned. The entrance of Mercury and the Sun to the II House of Gemini where Mars and the North Node will also be found , indicates economic opportunities that can be used to develop your financial stability and motivate personal growth. Physical strength. Determination in following through with any resolutions you proposed during the Full Moon on May 18th in the VI House of Gemini , about leaving behind habits that are harmful to your health. For many natives of the sign, this transit supports breaking off toxic friendships or feeling relegated by your usual group of friends.

The phase of apparent retrograde for Mercury, which will take place from July 7th to July 30th, will touch the II and III Houses of Gemini, which can be interpreted as progress in business or financial projects that have been visualized but not finalized. It is essential to take advantage of the retrogradation of Mercury in order to evaluate the practical aspects and feasibility of proposals which are on the table. It is not about backing out of commitments, but rather making intelligent decisions. The retrogradation of Mercury from July 7th to July 30th increases your susceptibility to respiratory allergies, throat diseases, and nervous breakdowns.

This astral event is an announcement of changes, which could be physical a change of address or psychological a different way of thinking. You will look for better family welfare and to settle past accounts. Jupiter will be in its direct phase in the VII House of Gemini as of August 11th, which is a positive transit for those who want to carry out revisions or changes thought about earlier to the terms of a business partnership.

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The passage of Mercury, Venus and the Sun through the V House of Gemini during the month of September signals romantic opportunities, but also greater confidence towards the decisions taken by your children. If you want to take the next step in your professional life, you must take concrete actions that lead you to the result you visualize.

If you stopped paying attention to the indications of Pallas in order to look for the incentives of Eros, you probably will suffer the consequences of your overindulgences during this period of the year. In the work plane, the transit of several planets on the VI House of Gemini indicates that October will bring positive changes to the workplace; however, it is a good idea to not consider any agreements that are reached during a first discussion to be set in stone Mercury in the pre-retrograde shadow phase.

The passage of several planets over the VII and VIII Houses of Gemini during the month of November points towards the recognition of contributions made by your life partner within the relationship. The entrance of Mars into the VI House of Gemini, together with the beginning of the direct phase of Mercury, will give a green light to the natives of the sign to lead teams at work and present innovative ideas.

Rest, relax and rejuvenate regularly, and treat your earthly senses with therapy. Solemnizing the marriage of someone eligible in the family may remain topmost on your mind this year. You should seek good counsel throughout this period and utilize utmost caution.

Gemini horoscope 2020: An Exciting Year In All Endeavors

This will create a drastic change in your personal as well as professional life in a positive direction. You may also find meaning in new relationships. Students will have to work hard this year to achieve their desired goals and aspirations. In order to move forward in your career, you will have to create new ideas.

However, in order to expand your business, you may have to move away from home. Those looking for a suitable break may get their chance after a frustrating third quarter of the year. Indecisiveness or a wavering mind could harm your career, especially in the second quarter of the year. It is suggested that you think wisely before making any significant decisions.

Gemini Horoscope 2020

Shortcuts might look tempting in this period, but they are not likely to give you the desired results. Suggestions from elders would be beneficial in case of uncertainty regarding an appropriate career choice. Do not offer or lend money to unknown faces.


There may be delays in receiving back payments you had offered as loans to family. You would be daring, fresh and capable of handling challenging situations. The year will be enjoyable, and you will be able to accomplish tasks related to your profession and some related to your personal life, which have been incomplete for some time now. A good time to take a break from hectic activities and offer some comfort to your body. You will also indulge in property dealings which will yield good benefits, as far as your wealth is concerned.

Your family will come to your aid as your support system, and will stand by you through the most stressful times. All your endeavors and undertakings will be well supported by your partner, if you are in a relationship. If a job switch is on your mind, this is the year for you. Avoid sharing you trade secrets with new associations.

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If you have debts to clear, you would be in a position to get money from unknown sources. Students may have to put more effort into their education to get good marks. This year, you are all set to progress and achieve a long-pending project. Your words of advice would be considered for the development of employees and the organization. There will be a lot of positive alterations and variations this year. There may be more expectations from your family members upon you, which could make you more responsible.

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This phase also looks like a nicer period for love and other relationships to flourish, and thus attention is required in these matters. You would give away money out of affection to your near and dear ones at home and outside of it. The third phase of indicates you specializing in a specific field.

This year indicates a lot of modifications in within your life. Your health remains satisfactory in the year An elder may become instrumental in bringing stability in the family.

Your optimistic nature and natural born leadership skills will help you blaze past any hurdles without breaking a sweat. You will be experimental and innovative.

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