Horoscope virgo january 25 2020

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There's progress in your career. Fiery Mars connects with lucky Jupiter, and everything is moving so quickly!

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Stay grounded—and enjoy the adventure and romance that come your way! Mars and Jupiter connect today, pushing things forward. The moon in Libra asks you to reflect on your values.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope

This is a very exciting day in your relationships, Libra—things are moving along quickly and you'll have conversations that open new doors. The moon is in your sign, encouraging you to listen to your heart. Your ruling planet Mars connects with lucky Jupiter today, Scorpio, pushing things forward in your finances and work—especially concerning your day job and the gigs you take on! Your ruling planet Jupiter makes an exciting connection with action planet Mars today, bringing you plenty of romance and creativity!


The moon in Libra also bodes well for your social life, but watch out for obstacles late in the evening. As action planet Mars connects with Jupiter, the planet of abundance, you find yourself moving at full speed. What's in the stars for you in January? Water is the Mother Element of Wood.

The Water of is connected to your parents, elders, knowledge, or medicine. You will often meet people who care you a lot and learn some wisdom from them. They might give you good advice and bring you the opportunity in career development. When You Day Master are Fire. The Metal of is afraid of Fire.

Metal stands for money or wealth to Fire. You will deal with money, finance, and property in , year of Rat. Therefore the major event in will be related to your money and property management. You will spend more time to plan for investment. You might think about how to increase the income, how to spend money on traveling, vacation and better material life.

If you have strong Metal in your birth chart, then money opportunity is around you all year long. Your income, investment and wealth will increase quickly. But if you have a weak Metal in the birth chart, then money trouble will come to you soon. Therefore you shouldn't do any risky investments. You should not loan money to friends. It is also advisable to not loan money for investments, either. Otherwise, money opportunities will become debts.

If you are a single gentleman and looking for a love relationship, then is a good time to find your ideal companion. Metal represents your girlfriend or wife. As long as increasing your social events, you have a good chance to meet a lady you dream. The Water of can put out the Fire. The Water inside the Rat represents your career.

Water is related to your job, career, supervisor, or rules.

Virgo january Horoscope

Rat of will bring you some pressure. You will have more job responsibilities. The schedule of undergoing projects will be getting tight. If you are female, then Water is connected to your boyfriend or husband. If you are in love, then Rat brings you a sweet relationship in If you are single, then is a good time to look for your love. When You Day Master are Earth.

The Metal of is the child element of Earth. Metal is something out of your Earth. It's your outlook, performance, speeches, and behaviors representing to the public. It's a sign of relaxing and freedom without restriction. Therefore, your social life will make you a little bit busier. You will have many opportunities to show your talent. People will talk about you.

This Month

More than likely, taking care of such a busy life will consume your energy when you have many activities with people. If Metal is your Lucky Element, you will have a good mood, expression, and attitude when meeting people. You become popular in your peer group. You will earn good reputations from them. This could create money opportunities in the future.

The moon is in Libra today.

You have to focus on the right diet and a proper fitness regime. Enjoy yourself! In Tamil Tradition marriage is considered an important part in life. Updated August 1, by J McCaul. Saturn in Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, and is the ninth house ruler, the place of ideas and philosophies.

If Metal is your Unlucky Element, you probably will have a bad temper with an arrogant attitude. People won't like your mannerisms and they will keep a distance from you and give you a negative reputation. This will impact your career development. The Water inside the Rat is related to your wealth or finance.

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Your Virgo horoscope is accurate because it is divided into decans. Those born from August 25 to September 2 experience these exciting Until January 17, – Jupiter trine your decan from December 1, is. Virgo horoscope suggests that you should use every year to try to improve your January is the ideal time to start new ventures or change your job.

Rat brings you an opportunity regarding money, property, and investment. It's time to review your financial plan. It's time to diligently study money investment. If you are male, then Water is connected to your girlfriend or wife.

Virgo Daily Horoscope

If you are in love, then Rat will bring you a sweet relationship in If you are single, then is a good year to try on a new relationship. Male Metal has interrelationships between all other Five Elements. The Rat has interrelationships among the Zodiac Animals. Those relationships could impact the results on the Chinese astrology prediction. Therefore, if Metal is your lucky element and you have Female Wood in your birth chart, then will be your lucky and joyful year.

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If Female Wood is your Day Master , the upper low element of DAY column in the birth chart, then that's a good sign of love relationship. If you are single, then this is a good year to try a relationship. If you are a single female and in love, then it's time to think about engagement or marriage.

If you are married, then you have a very good marriage life. Rat is a romantic star in Chinese astrology. This implies an event of love is coming. This is a good opportunity for a person looking for a love relationship. It's a good sign for social, people and love relationships. If Cow is at Spouse Palace , the lower row of the DAY column in the birth chart, then that's a very good sign for engagement or marriage. If Earth is your lucky element, then the relationship will bring you good luck in If Earth is related to the job, then your good luck in career. If Earth is related to money, then that is the prosperity sign.

Horse and Rat have conflict in the relationship. This is a sign of dishonor or broken promise.

It's a bad sign for love affair, health and worrisome. It might involve travel or relocation. Male Fire and Male Metal have another fighting relationship , which implies poor people relationship. This is a bad sign of instability, accident, separation, dispute, hostility, and poor health.

This type of person should use a conservative attitude and approach to avoid any dispute, quarrel, and challenges in If Water is your lucky element, then you will have extremely good luck in If Male Water or Female Water is also found in the birth chart or Year Major Cycle, then will become one of your best years in your life. Year of Rat could bring you an unexpected big surprise. Find out how things may shape up for her in the months to come.